Sparkling Cable

Sparkling Cable


Structure of Cable Technical Information
Performance in the temperature range -60 to 200oC
Nominal voltage 0.6 to 1KV
Test Voltage 2500 V
Halogen Free IEC 60754-2
Low Smoke IEC 61034-2
Flame Retardant IEC 60332-1
Silicone insulation is resistant to high molecular weight oils, petroleum derivatives, alcohols, various types of plasticizers, dilute acids, saline solutions, oxidants, humid and dry climates, and UV rays.

In terms of features, Halogen free complies with IEC 60754-1.

Flame test in accordance with IEC 60332-1

Silicone ignition cables are used to transfer instantaneous high-voltage current from the power supply to the combustion chamber. Such cables vary in structure. The silicone spark plug cable manufactured by Silcable Group is made entirely of silicon rubber according to the thermal class F, which is up to 35 kV for instantaneous voltage transmission.

Sparkling silicone cables can be provided with spray and wire conductors. The characteristics of sparkling silicone cables include: resistance to sunlight, acids, alcohols, high molecular weight oils, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma rays and weather conditions such as cold and dry environments. He pointed to deserts and sultry environments with high humidity. Important features of spark-ignition silicone cables (silicone refractory ignition cables) are high flexibility in the temperature range of -60 to +200 + C, as well as the ability to be free of acid gases (Halogen Free), non-emission of toxic gases. During the Low Smoke, Flame Retardant is notable for its flame retardant properties, which have led to a wide range of industries, including automotive petrochemicals and industries. Defense, aerospace, shipbuilding, wagon making, fire alarm and extinguishing, refineries, industrial engines, industrial switchboards and cache switchboards R and used. Silicon Cylindrical Cables (Silicon Refractory Spark Cable) of Sil Cable Factory Group has the national standard ISIRI1926-4 based on the IEC 60245-4 global standard. Spark silicone cables are insulated with rubber silicone rubber (HTV), which is made of flexible polymer (elastomer), which is made of high quality mineral polymers.

Sil Cable is proud to take a big step towards localization of specialized production of silicone wires and cables (silicone refractory wires and cables) in Iran by using young Iranian specialists and engineers.