Macro detail of some cables.

Silicon Wire

Silicone wires have chemical resistance, thermal resistance and halogen free, thus they are suitable to be used in the aviation and rail industry, power plants, steel and iron and steel industries, rolling mills and casting companies, metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical plants, and cement, glass and Ceramics. These wires are also used in projectors and lighting systems, heating equipment and fire alarm systems.



The Benefits of Cable Flood Cables

Electricity failure and high resistance facing with  the magnetic field

Temperature tolerance of 60 ° C – 200 ° C (heat-cold resistant)

High Flexibility and plasticity at various levels with keeping its sustainability

No halogenated gases (halogen free)

Low smoke

Lack of bacterial growth in silicone material, suitable for use in the medical industry

Flame retardant

1-Silicone Wire،ISIRI1926-3                     IEC 60245-3

2- Silicone Cable،ISIRI1926-4                  IEC 60245-4

3-HI Voltaje Ignition Cable ISIRI3569     IEC 60502

4-Hlogen free                                     IEC60754-1،IEC60754-2

5-Low Smoke                                     IEC61034-1،IEC61034-2

6-Flame retardant:ISIRI3081                  IEC60332

7-FIRE Resistance:ISIRI3082                IEC60331

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